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Just add Power - All in one Ondemand Controller and Solenoid Box

For dust collectors with pneumatically driven diaphragm valves, a combination sequential timer or ondemand controller and solenoid valve box from PTronik can greatly simplify installation and minimise the need for electricians on site. Just add power and connect the solenoids to the diaphragm valves with poly pipe - money saved and job done!

We can build with any style of box such as ABS, Polycarbonate, GRF (Glass Fiber Reinforced), Steel, Stainless Steel or Cast Aluminum. Solenoids can be from any manufacturer including Goyen, ASCO and Turbo and we can fit over 40 solenoid valves into a box no problem. The controller is wired and tested electrically and pneumatically prior to dispatch and your preferred on time / off time / pressure settings programmed.

Please contact us at PTronik to discuss your requirements.



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