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The smart way to increase worker safety, lengthen filter bag life and reduce energy and maintenance costs.

​Managing the dust generated by industrial processes is critically important in today’s economic and environmental landscape. The issues created by managing dust are many and varied, ranging from occupational health and safety issues, to plant reliability and profitability, to risk mitigation and environmental compliance and finally to local community concerns about dust and pollution. 


Dust control is our core business.


PTronik is based in Sydney, NSW, Australia and manufactures a broad range of programmable solid state dust controllers, sequential timers, ondemand differential pressure controllers and condition monitoring systems that will make operators lives easier. Our controllers have many state of the art features not found in competitor products, please take a look below at our controller offerings.

D6 Sequential Timer - Small and simple


The PTronik D6 is a new take on the classic dial based sequential timer.


Featuring 6 outputs and a remote start/stop, the controller is simple in design and simple to operate with two dials and a valve selector pin.

The digital display removes the guess work when settings the on and off times and allows for alarm notifications of short and open circuits of solenoid coils.

E6 Sequential Timer - Small in size, big on features


The PTronik E6 controller is the perfect solution for OEM's or existing sites looking to replace old sequential timers on small dust collectors with up to 16 rows. 

Like it simple? Have the E6 programed in the factory to your specifications. Simply connect power and solenoids and away you go.

Like to have control? Connect the E6 to your PLC system via Modbus to gain complete control of your dust collectors.

E10 Sequential Timer - The premium timer option


The E10 controller is designed for medium sized dust collectors where the simplicity of a timer out weighs the cost saving of an on demand controller.

Don't be fooled though. Our E10 timer has a range of advanced features not found on other sequential timers such as row identification of failed diaphragm valves and row identification of broken bags.

The E10 can be connected to your PLC system via the four output replays or through Modbus allowing remote monitoring and parameter setting of your dust collectors.

ECO ondemand Controller - Save money and improve efficiency 


The ECO ondemand controller is the optimal solution for small to medium sized dust collectors where differential pressure control is required.


The ECO ondemand controller will save customers serious money with a very short return on investment by achieving the following


  • Significant reductions in plant maintenance and operating costs.

  • Substantial increases in the life of the bag material and other components.

  • Reductions in the energy costs associated with pulse cleaning

  • Reductions in the CO2  emissions

pMC ondemand Controller - The Complete Remote Condition Monitoring System 


The pMC is the complete condition monitoring system for all sizes of dust collectors, bag houses, ESP and air filtration systems.


This system will not only save money and improve efficiency, it will ensure and prove you are compliant with local environmental regulations and increase worker safety.

Features include the ability to remotely log into the pMC from any network connected computer and make changes to system settings (password protected). Download historical data from the pMC and display trends in the PTronik application. Your staff will no longer need to climb the baghouse to see "what is going on".

If an issue is detected, setup the pMC to send you email alerts or a text message notifying you of the exact issue in real time.

Fan Shaker

Fan shakers are very simple dust collectors commonly used in wood working facilities and schools.


The PTronik fan shaker controller consists of a fan motor 0.75KW to 70KW operated by a DOL, Star Delta, Softstarter or a Variable Speed Drive. The shaker uses our proprietary 103 controller and will operate for a short time (adjustable) after the fan is turned off.

DRV Extension Cards

In order to increase the number of outputs on a Controller or Timer, an extension board can be added. Each Extension board has 10 outputs.

All Extension boards are linked with a CAT5 cable in a daisy chain format

DPT External Differential Pressure Sensor 

The DPT can be used as an external or remote pressure sensor and is available in three configurations:

  • Pressure sensor 4-20mA

  • Pressure sensor with a display

  • Pressure sensor with display, two alarm levels linked to relay outputs (dry contacts)

Out of Production Models 

Here you will find data on old Paul Thomas, PTE and PTronik controllers produced since the 1960s

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