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PTronik understand the requirements to manage and control the dust generated by abrasive blasting processes.

Abrasive blasting is used in many industries to clean surfaces such as steel prior to painting. Compressed air is used to propel abrasive material from a blast pot, through a blasting hose to a nozzle that is electrical or pneumatically operated by a "deadman" trigger. Cleaning operations using abrasive blasting present a range of risks to both the plant operators and the equipment they use.


PTronik designs and builds control systems to cover small to very large blast rooms involving sophisticated interlocks with various doors, air flow, temperature and filter systems.

Abrasive Blasting Controller


PTronik designs and manufactures the full Control board for blast rooms with optional smart trigger gun electric cable failure alert.


Features include:

  • Electric or pneumatic gun triggers

  • 1 to 10 outlets.

  • Sweepers

  • Doors and blasting interlocks

  • Rotary locks and clean up interlock

  • Alarms and indicator lights

  • Can incorporate PTronik SCC technology

  • The abrasive blast control system can also be combined with  PTronik Spray Booth Control systems.

Fail Safe Controller for Deadman Trigger


WHS issues are a high priority in the high risk area of Industrial Abrasive Blasting. Protect your blast operators from injury.


The SCC guards against any open or short circuit situation caused by crushing or other damage to the electric cable attached to a blast gun "deadman" trigger which may result in the system becoming unresponsive to requests to stop blasting.

The quick response detection immediately shuts down blasting to prevent worker injury and property damage.

The SCC is available as a retrofit to existing installations or with new Abrasive Blasting Equipment.

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