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As an ISO 9001 certified company we take testing and quality control very seriously.

Our customers may not be aware, but every controller we ship out of our factory is tested at least twice before leaving our doors. The larger and more complex the system the more testing we conduct.

Here is a full scale solenoid test of a 50 output system. PTronik use compressed air to ensure the solenoid pilot valves have been wired correctly and are mechanically working from our supplier. Any controller we sell that has solenoid pilot valves fitted under goes this testing so you can be sure it will work when you install it on site.


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Updated: Aug 4, 2019

Site Problem

A grain processing facility had technical issues with a 6 pulse valve, 22kW motor reverse pulse jet cleaning system. High magnehelic gauge readings lead to maintenance staff reducing the pulse offtime in an effort to clean the bags but had resulted in a further deterioration of bag house performance.

PTronik System Supplied

PTronik supplied our pMC control solution which had the following features;

  • Header tank pressure sensor installed to monitor header tank pressure

  • On demand dP differential based controller instead of sequential timer (controller only pulses when the dust loading on the filter bags increases)

  • Supplied with tube cleaning purge system to ensure dP measurement accuracy

  • Remote access to controller settings and recorded data for remote analysis and diagnostics

Test Data

PTronik used our pMC data logging controller and header pressure sensor to evaluate the current performance. Initial testing revealed the current sequential timer was pulsing faster than the header tank could recharge. This meant the pulsing discharge was very weak and had allowed the dP over the filter bags to reach an alarm condition and blind the bags.

PTronik Solution

The solution involved increasing the off time pulse duration to a point that allowed header tank recharging and setting the bag house to pulse under differential pressure control to prevent these issues from reoccurring in the future. Recording the bag house performance data and providing remote access allowed for long term verification of performance.

Verified Savings

Field test data showed the PTronik pMC controller reduced the number of bag cleaning pulses by 29% to 64% depending on dust loading. This directly translated to;

  • Reduced air consumption

  • Increased filter bag life

  • Increased life of pilot and diaphragm valves

  • Operating the dust collector within the original design parameters

If PTronik can assist with your bag house performance issues then please get in contact

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Did you know that all PTronik controllers are designed and manufactured in Australia? This allows us to provide our customers very short lead times and the ability to customize hardware or software for specific applications. Contact to discuss your requirements!

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