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Company Profile

PTronik is a 40 year old Australian owned and operated electronics engineering company focused on the design, manufacture and supply of control solutions for industrial applications. PTronik is based in Somersby, New South Wales (NSW), Australia and manufactures a wide range of products; from simple timers and pulse controllers  to advanced condition monitoring systems.

PTronik customers include Original Equipment Manufacturers and Maintenance Providers in a diverse range of ‘dust generating’ industries including; mining, bulk material handling, timber, cement and process control engineering. PTronik customers share a common goal to improve the economic, environmental and safety performance of their businesses.

PTronik also engineers customised industrial plant monitoring and control solutions to meet specific customer needs in industries including horticulture, bulk materials handling, food and beverage. Ptronik has supplied its products all over Australia, New Zealand and to more than 26 countries worldwide.

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