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Spray control solutions that are compliant with Australian Standards.

PTronik are experts in manufacturing spray booth controllers integrating motor controllers, air valves, door interlocks and air flow switchs. Intrinsically Safe barriers available. Motor options include DOL (direct on line), star-delta, soft starter and VSD (variable speed drive).


Spray booth controllers are assembled using our proprietary SBC1102 unit that controls the pre and the post purge times of the spray booth in compliance with AS/NZS 4114.  Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Spray Booth Controller


  • Fan motor is protected by an electronic thermal overload with adjustable settings.

  • A door interlock is provide through an intrinsically safe barrier.

  • Pre-purge time: the spray air valve will energise 1 minute after the fan starts operation provided all doors are closed

  • Post-purge time: the spray air valve de-energises when the STOP is pushed and the fan will stop after 5 minutes

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