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Pilot Valves

PTronik carry a range of pilot solenoid valves in stock and can supply models from ASCO, Goyen or Turbo. Coils can be DC or AC in a range of voltages.

Popular models include

  • ASCO 24VDC 16W ULXE257A002

  • Goyen 240VAC RCA-3D2

PTronik Solenoid Boxes

PTronik can manufacture custom solenoid boxes of any size with any number of solenoid valves. 40 valves in one box - no problem! 

Include a PTronik controller to make an all in one controller and solenoid box, minimizing the amount of wiring and simplifying site installation

Solenoid Boxes

PTronik can also can supply solenoid box models from Turbo, ASCO or Goyen. .

Popular models include


  • Goyen RCA3-5V, RCA3-8V and RCA3-12V

Dust Probes

Dust emissions from your spray booth, blasting booth, bag house or dust collector can cost serious money and downtime. Monitor and record your dust emissions with a PTronik controller and dust probe.


PTronik controllers can integrate directly with any triboelectric dust probe that outputs a relay dry contact or 4-20mA signal.


Popular models include Goyen EMP7 dust probe and Dwyer PMT2 dust probe. Please call to discuss your requirements

External Differential Pressure Sensor 

The DPT can be used as an external or remote pressure sensor and is available in three configurations:

  • Pressure sensor 4-20mA

  • Pressure sensor with a display

  • Pressure sensor with display, two alarm levels linked to relay outputs (dry contacts)

Pressure Sensors and Switches

Required for mechanical diaphragm valve fault detection. This is an advanced feature found on the PTronik controllers.


PTronik controllers can integrate directly with any pressure sensor that outputs a 4-20mA signal or any pressure switch that operates as a dry contact.

Explosion Rated Enclosure


Explosion rated polyester, stainless steel or cast aluminum enclosures rated to IP65/66.

Suitable for use in Exe and Exe D Zone 1, 2, 21 & 22 environments.

DIP Cable Glands


PTronik can provide Hazardous Area cable glands for all armoured and non-armoured cable.

Certified Exd, Exe, ExtD, for use in Zone 1 and Zone 21 applications.

EX Rated Sensors


PTronik can provide a range of suitable sensors for explosion rated systems including differential pressure, triboelectric dust probes, levels sensor and temperature sensors.


We can also provide intrinsically safe IS barriers to separate electrical systems in hazardous environments.

Call PTronik to discuss your requirements.

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