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The smart way to increase worker safety, lengthen filter bag life and reduce energy and maintenance costs.

Having reliability trouble with an existing controller for large dust collectors? Would you like to improve efficency and reduce the running costs of your existing equipment? Does the existing PLC controller give you no control over the process parameters you need from your bag house?


  We can manufacture a completely custom controller to your exact requirements.

PTronik can integrate any of our standard sequential timers, ondemand or condition monitoring controllers into a custom dust collector controller. Below are a few of the many examples of dust control systems we have manufactured. Contact to discuss your requirements.

Controller for offline cleaning pulse jet dust collector


PTronik created a custom controller for our client with the following specifications

  • Offline cleaning reverse pulse jet dust collector

  • 10 chambers with 10 damper isolation valves

  • 10 solenoid valves per chamber (100 solenoid valves in total)

  • Chamber isolation switch allowing a single chamber to be closed for maintenance purposes

  • 220VAC input and 24VDC output to Solenoid Coils

  • Mounted in mild steel enclosure

Controller for pulse jet dust collector including rotary airlock control 


PTronik created a complete custom controller that integrated the following components

  • ECo Ondemand controller

  • Star Delta motor contacts for main fan

  • Direct Online (DOL) starter for rotary air lock valve

  • Proximity sensor for rotary airlock valve 

  • Circuit breakers, start buttons and lights

PTronik can provide custom controllers with any of the following motor starters

  • Direct Online (DOL)

  • Star Delta (SD)

  • Soft Starter (SS)

  • Variable Speed Drive (VSD)

Controller for gas turbine engine air filtration system 

PTronik provided pMC controllers with remote monitoring capability to replace existing controllers for air filtration systems used on a gas turbine powered power station.

The system provided had 100 output channels and was mounted within an EXD and EXE enclosure with external DP sensor and intrinsically safe barriers.


The complete system was mounted on a galvanized steel frame with connection terminals mounted in the same location as the existing unit facilitating a quick change out.

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