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Having control problems with your Offline Cleaning Dust Collector?

Do you have large, offline cleaning, multi chamber dust collectors currently being operated by a PLC? Are you having trouble with unreliable & inefficient operation, poor control logic or are you unable to alter any of the timer settings?

PTronik can help!

We can manufacture to your specifications a bespoke controller that interfaces to any existing control system but will provide you increased levels of reliability, energy efficiency and give you complete control of all time and pressure settings.

This picture shows a custom pMC IOT controller for a 10 chamber offline cleaning dust controller with 10 pulse valves per chamber. A chamber isolation switch is provided to allow damper isolation of individual chambers for maintenance purposes. This controller gives the operations team complete control over chamber sequencing, valve sequencing within the chamber, pulse valve on and offtimes, differential pressure cleaning set points, damper opening and closing times.

The pMC controller can connect via Modbus RTU or over TCP/IP, records all operational data to the inbuilt SD card and has full remote monitoring capability.

Contact if you have any questions about our custom controller range.

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abhinav shashtri
abhinav shashtri
Jul 25, 2019

Nice such a good information given keep sharing more thanks for it

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